Become a member of the Society of Utah Medical Oncologists and enjoy these member only benefits:

  • Only professional organization that represents all hematology and oncology specialties and practices in Utah
  • Advocates on behalf of members on reimbursement and other issues
  • Provides a business meeting in the spring and a 1.5 day clinical meeting in the fall
  • Provides representation on legislative issues
  • Shares resources with other oncology-related organizations
  • Community outreach includes the University of Utah Oncology Interest Group for medical students
  • Acts as the institutional memory for the oncology community
  • Maintains a comprehensive database of member information
  • Collaborates with other state oncology societies, ASCO, COA, ASH and other entities as needed
  • Provides a comprehensive website


If you have problems submitting these applications please fax to 918-274-8354.

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2018 Physician Membership Application

  • Physician membership dues are FREE for 2018.

2018 Affiliate Membership Application

  • Affiliate Membership dues are FREE for 2018

2018 Corporate Membership Privileges

  • Contact Carol Teal ([email protected]) for information about Corporate Membership Privileges

An Industry Delegate is an individual who is a direct employee of an organization that produces and sells products. It is our policy to discourage attendance in lieu of displaying as you know this will encourage other companies to follow suit.  In cases where an industry delegate attends a meeting and does not display we charge the “additional rep fee” that is outlined in our list of corporate membership levels and procedures.